Guideline to release your cargo

In order to release your cargoes from our ports you need to provide your Clearance documents that are usually approved by the Agents then Customs office once you pay your customs.

How to process your Clearance documents?

1. Please check and confirm that your cargoes have arrived with the local Ship Agents. - One Stop Shipping Agency's phone is +686 751 26222 - SAOK's phone contact is +686 720 26472.

2. Once you receive your confirmation, you need to visit their office and may ask the Agents to make your Import clearance or if you can do it, no problem.

If need assistance there are other brokers that can do all the jobs for you. Send email to - Make sure you have your invoice and Bill of Lading so that they are able to process your Import Entry

3. Visit Customs office with your Import Entry (Clearance documents) to Pay for your customs duty and levy.

4. Visit KPA to the offices of the Biosecurity Officer, Health Officer, and Landing Officer for Stamps and Inspection if needed.

5. Before you visit our Cashier to pay for your Port Charge, please ensure that you have received all the stamps necessary on your Clearance documents.

6. Visit our Releasing Officer at our main warehouse to check your cargoes on your Clearance Documents against the manifest. Please ensure that he/she put a stamp for the OK to release on your copies of your documents.

7. Visit our tally clerks to help you with the release.

If your cargoes have stayed with us for more than 21days after the arrival of the vessel, our tally clerk will also inform you and you must pay the storage charge before releasing.