Opening hours (UTC+12)

Mon to Fri

Start   0830
Finish 1645

Lunch Hours:     1230 to 1330
Morning break:  1000 to 1015
Afternoon break: 1500 to 1515  

Weekend and Public Holidays



Please note that Kiritimati Island is 2hrs ahead of Tarawa time.

Other Email Contacts

If you need assistance regarding shipments from overseas to Kiribati, please send an email to for the schedules of incoming vessel to Kiribati.

If you need our brokers to help clear your cargoes from our Ports or any Custom requirements, send an email to

If you need to send your cargoes to Kiribati and not sure what is required, please send your enquiry to their email address  or visit their website:
Health issues or check their website Weather Forecast/Updates call Ph:+686 751 25444 or check their website

For any other questions, please use our form below.

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Kiribati Ports Authority
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Betio, Tarawa.

Ph: (686) 75126972, 63018639